Financing the budget

Here you will find an overview of the budgets, draft budgets, budget statutes and annual financial statements of the town of Alpirsbach, as well as further information on municipal finances. You can also find out which taxes and fees are incurred in Alpirsbach.

Municipal finances

The town of Alpirsbach fulfils a wide range of tasks for its citizens - in order to be able to continue to be there for you reliably and permanently in the future, we pay attention to a balanced budget. See for yourself what tasks and goals the town of Alpirsbach has set itself and what resources it has at its disposal to achieve them.

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Einwohnerversammlung 13.09.2022- Präsentation der vom Gemeinderat geforderten möglichen Konsoliderungsmaßnahmen aus Sicht der Verwaltung


Jahresabschlüsse der Nationalparkregion Schwarzwald GmbH

Jahresabschluss 2020

Jahresabschluss 2021


Taxes & Fees

These taxes & fees are to be paid by the people of Alpirsbach:


Land tax A (agricultural and forestry holdings)

470 per cent

Property tax B (other properties)

380 per cent

Trade tax

350 per cent

Dog tax (for one dog)

120,00 Euro

Water supply contribution

3,99 Euro/sqm

Wastewater fee

5,08 Euro/cbm

Precipitation water fee

0.54 Euro/sqm


Water and wastewater charges

For drinking water and waste water, the town of Alpirsbach charges a water rate and waste water fees on the basis of the water supply statutes and the waste water statutes issued by the town council. 

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