Brewing beer takes time

Here in the Black Forest, time may have stood still. But never a beer. Good food and refined hospitality are very much appreciated in the Black Forest. It is therefore not surprising that Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu brews its own beer for every taste. From the classics such as Spezial and Pils, to the young wild ones such as "Kleine Mönch", to a wide range of non-alcoholic brewing specialities such as a naturally cloudy Radler completely without alcohol. The beers taste so good because the experienced brewmasters carefully watch over the adherence to the traditional recipes. They use only the best hops, selected malt, a noble yeast strain and one of the best brewing waters in the world. Even today, just as in the founding days, it arrives untreated directly from the source into the brewhouse.

The brewery

A good beer takes three minutes. A better one around 900 years. Ever since the monks in the Alpirsbach monastery began brewing beer in the Middle Ages, the traditional art of brewing has belonged to Alpirsbach like little else. In 1877, Johann Gottfried Glauner made the decision to restart the village's disused brewery in view of the emerging railway line and the increasing number of spa guests. Today, the brewery is run by the fourth generation, has over 100 employees and produces more than 200,000 hectolitres of beer annually. And the family brewery also has a social influence on its surroundings: the entrepreneurs are committed to nature and environmental protection and support projects and associations in the region.


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Hopfenfest der Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu

Brewery / Celebration

Vom 19.07.24 - 21.07.24 veranstaltet die Alpirsbacher Klosterbräu ihr traditionelles Hopfenfest. Ein abwechslungsreiches Wochenende rund um das Bier mit dem berühmten…

Brewery Museum & Brew Shop

In Alpirsbach, beer is not just a drink. It is culture, conviviality, history. It is craft, tradition and passion. In our Alpirsbach Brewery World there is a lot to experience about beer: With the help of historical machines and tools, learn how the mysterious brewing process takes place and how brewing has developed over the course of time. You can also find a suitable souvenir for every occasion in our brew shop. Whether drinking vessels, beer shampoo or beer mustard - there is something here for every taste.

The Brew Shop is open as follows:

Monday through Friday:

10:00 till 17:30


10:00 till 17:00


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