Crystal clear Black Forest water

The only drinking water dam in Baden-Württemberg is located in the immediate vicinity of Alpirsbach. The water from the Kleine Kinzig, Huttenbächle and Teufelsbächle rivers, as well as countless smaller and larger springs, is processed into drinking water below the dam. The Kleine Kinzig dam is located in an almost untouched and predominantly forested catchment area - a popular hiking and recreation destination for nature lovers.

Technical data

  • The dam has a catchment and protection area of 18 km². This consists of 98% forest.
  • In this area 1,600 - 1,800 l/m² of precipitation per year are measured.
  • The capacity of the dam is 12.414 million m³.
  • It is about 3 km long and about 450 m wide.
  • Construction began in the fall of 1978 and was completed in May 1984.

Water supply Kleine Kinzig

The main task of the dam is to impound drinking water. The Kleine Kinzig water supply distributes this to 31 association members via the approx. 220 km long pipe network. Currently, around 250,000 inhabitants are supplied with the precious foodstuff water.

Alpirsbach Water Trail

You can visit the dam. A beautiful hiking trail leads along the Kleine Kinzig to the waterworks of the Zweckverband Kleine Kinzig. From there you reach a dam, which you cross and then turn off onto the "Burgstaller Weg" in the direction of the hikers' car park. Along the way, 34 information boards and an information pavilion explain everything about rafting and the Ries, the tensioning station and raft, spring measurement, water wheel, waterworks and biotope.

Start: Reinerzau, parking lot Reinerzauer Oberdörfle