Leisurely forward

Nature can be experienced most intensively on foot. In the slowness of walking, the forest unfolds its own magic. If you are attentive, you will discover many small wonders along the way. With its wide range of hiking tours through an extraordinary landscape, the Black Forest is appreciated as one of the most beautiful hiking regions in Germany.

Raft Trail

Enjoy the beginning of one of the most beautiful Black Forest valleys - hike from Lossburg to Alpirsbach (10 km). Or accompany the raftsman Johann and his son Uli on their "journey into the country" on the second section between Alpirsbach and Wolfach (23 km). Of course, the rafter trail can also be divided into smaller stages. Along the entire rafting trail you will receive a variety of information about rafting.

Start: Lossburg community, forest car park near the open-air swimming pool

Alpirsbach Water Trail

A beautiful hiking trail leads along the Kleine Kinzig to the waterworks of the Zweckverband Kleine Kinzig. From there you reach a dam, which you cross and then turn off onto the "Burgstaller Weg" in the direction of the hikers' car park. Along the way, 34 information boards and an information pavilion explain everything about rafting and the Ries, the tensioning station and raft, spring measurement, water wheel, waterworks and biotope.

Start: Reinerzau, parking lot Reinerzauer Oberdörfle

Rundwanderung um die Trinkwassertalsperre "Kleine Kinzig"

Rundwanderung um die Trinkwassertalsperre "Kleine Kinzig". Der Wanderweg verläuft überwiegend im Wald, zwischen den Bäumen sieht man das Wasser durchschimmern. Auf der Staumauer und an einigen weiteren Stellen hat man einen freien Blick über den See. Dieser See dient der Trinkwasserversorgung: es gibt keine Bademöglichkeit, kein Wassersport etc.!

Start: Reinerzau, parking lot Reinerzauer Oberdörfle

Wandertal Ehlenbogen

Hier finden Sie 8 wunderschöne Wanderungen rund um Ehlenbogen.

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