Where the monks lived

Peterzell owes its name to a settlement of monks who, among other things, had to control income from distant estates of the Gengenbach monastery. These places were established in the 7th and 8th centuries AD. The discovery of the slab grave also speaks for the early dating. 

The village is mentioned in documents in 1275 in the Liber Decimationis, the tax book of the bishopric of Constance. In 1316, the church charter of the "Peter and Paul" church was transferred to the Alpirsbach monastery, to which the church was incorporated 30 years later. In 1416, the monastery was the sole court and lord of Peterzell.

Around the middle of the 16th century, the village had taken over the administrative function of neighbouring villages. After the abolition of the Württemberg monastery estate in 1805, Peterzell initially remained with the now secular office of Alpirsbach, but then came to the Oberndorf district in 1810. With the 1933 district reform, the community was assigned to the district of Rottweil. In the 1972-1974 district and municipal reform, Peterzell was incorporated into the town of Alpirsbach and the district of Freudenstadt. In former times Peterzell was dominated by agriculture, forestry and handicraft. Today it has developed into the economically and industrially strongest district of Alpirsbach. Today Peterzell has 736 inhabitants.


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Local authority

Knöpfle, Rolf

Head of the village

Ortschaftsverwaltung Peterzell
Rathausstraße 5
72275 Alpirsbach

0 74 44 / 22 91


Office hours:

Wednesday: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm