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In 2004 Reinerzau celebrates its 750th anniversary and can be proud of the lively village life, which has further increased through the foundation of the village community Reinerzau. Reinerzau also has a ski lift with ski hut and in summer the Reinerzau valley offers a wonderfully relaxing and charming landscape.

The history of Reinerzau: The first documentary mention of Reinerzau dates from 1254, which leads to the conclusion that at that time there was a parish church with an extensive settlement. The valley belonged to the Geroldseck dominion of Schenkenzell from the 14th century at the latest. The further rights and possessions of the Geroldseck counts, which were gradually seized from 1480 onwards, finally passed into Alpirsbach ownership in 1500. With the Reformation of Alpirsbach Monastery in 1534/35, Reinerzau was finally annexed to the Duchy of Württemberg, but formed its own judiciary, subordinate to the Alpirsbach Monastery Office. After the dissolution of the Alpirsbach monastery office in 1810, Reinerzau first came under the Oberndorf district, and two years later under the Freudenstadt district.

On 1 April 1974 the village of Reinerzau was absorbed into the new town of Alpirsbach. Reinerzau experiences the largest construction project of its time with the "Kleine Kinzig drinking water dam". At the end of the 80s the "accelerated consolidation procedure Reinerzau-Ehlenbogen" began. This led to a better infrastructure for agriculture, forestry and tourism through various construction measures from 1990-1996. Between 1990-2005 most of the main agricultural businesses had to be closed down due to age-related farm handovers.


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Local authority

Gutmann, Thomas

Head of the village

Local administration Reinerzau
Alte Reinerzauer Straße 32
72275 Alpirsbach

0 74 44 / 26 72

0 74 44 / 91 69 37


Office hours:

Monday: 17:00 - 18:30