The former farming village on the edge of the Heimbach river

The first mention of Römlinsdorf goes back to a papal document for the monastery Gengenbach from the year 1139. Rights, possession and incomes were acquired 1337 by the monastery Alpirsbach. 1810 - with dissolution of the secular office Alpirsbach - Römlinsdorf comes to the Oberamt Oberndorf and is assigned with the abolition of this office in 1938 together with the municipalities Peterzell and Reutin to the administrative district Rottweil.
1974 took place then the connection of Peterzell and Römlinsdorf to the administrative district Freudenstadt under simultaneous incorporation into the city Alpirsbach.

The village, which lies on the edge of the Heimbach, has been transformed into a pretty village with a current population of 370.
A family-friendly spot - in addition to the idyllic location, there is a Protestant and a Protestant-Methodist church in the village, and a municipal kindergarten - the primary school is only one village away and easy to reach by bus.
Beside the music association there is also a fruit and gardening association which are strongly represented and engaged in the place and also beyond that.

Since the structural changes in agriculture have not passed Römlinsdorf. From it results: Today there are no full-time farmers here and only a few part-time farmers. The majority of the population therefore earns its living from employment in industry, trade and crafts in the village, neighbouring districts and neighbouring municipalities.


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Local authority

Hebe, Uwe

Head of the village

Local administration Römlinsdorf
Sonnenstraße 12
72275 Alpirsbach

0 74 44 / 30 66

Office hours:

Thursday: 19:00 - 20:00