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A historic old town, its own brewery and a former Benedictine monastery more than 900 years old - the town of Alpirsbach has countless sights and attractions to offer, it looks back on an eventful history. Visitors always come across beautiful spots here. Beside the big, well-known ones also the small, secret ones. Let us surprise you and discover something new again and again!


Certainly one of the absolute highlights in our town: the 900-year-old Benedictine monastery. With its imposing red sandstone walls, it is the impressive landmark of Alpirsbach. Immerse yourself in times long gone and enjoy the meditative silence of the medieval vaults.

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Public places

Discover tranquil corners while strolling through Alpirsbach - they are true places of serenity. Enjoy the good air and the special interplay of nature and town.

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Guided city tours

Get to know the most secluded corners of Alpirsbach - this is best done with a local guide. We offer professional guided tours with different focuses: Choose between a historical town tour, an adventure tour on the raftsmen's path or a town tour with the raftswoman Luise. If you prefer to discover nature, you can take part in an adventure tour of the Glaswald and Glaswiesen nature reserve.

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City history

Right next to the monastery complex, visitors learn about the development of the town of Alpirsbach through selected collector's items. History is preserved here with a lot of heart and soul - a visit to the Museum of Town History is worthwhile!

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Have you always wanted to experience how temperatures of 1400 degrees Celsius transform quartz sand into liquid glass? Or would you like to learn more about how tree trunks from the Black Forest were assembled into rafts and transported down the Rhine to Holland? Or would you rather be fascinated by the creepy grimaces that are carved for the Swabian-Alemannic carnival? You don't have to decide, Alpirsbach offers it all.

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The only drinking water dam in Baden-Württemberg is located in the immediate vicinity of Alpirsbach. The water from the Kleine Kinzig, Huttenbächle and Teufelsbächle rivers, as well as countless smaller and larger springs, is processed into drinking water below the dam. The Kleine Kinzig dam is located in an almost untouched and predominantly forested catchment area - a popular hiking and recreation destination for nature lovers.

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