Travelling with locals

Get to know the most secluded corners of Alpirsbach - this is best done with a local guide. We offer professional guided tours with different focuses. Here you will find an overview of the topics.


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Classic historical guided tour of Alpirsbach

How did the town of Alpirsbach come into being over 900 years ago in the deep Black Forest? We visit historic buildings and stroll through the idyllic spa garden and along the romantic Kinzig river. What do the individual coats of arms and guild signs mean? On the trail of the mystery: where have the stones of the monastery's former Lady Chapel remained?

Duration: approx. one and a half hours

Price: 60 € on weekdays, 70 € on Sundays

Number of participants: max. 20 people

Fascination Moss!

Discover mosses anew. Experience, feel and learn about mosses. During excursions in the Black Forest Nature Park Central/North you will experience the fascination of mosses. What a wonder of nature they are! For they are not only beautiful and characterise the image of the Black Forest, mosses were also used in many ways in the past. How important were they for our ancestors and are they still important for us today? They have an important function for our climate and our forest, find out what it is. What are mosses? Plants, fungi or something else entirely? Why do they sometimes have such curious names, wrinkled moss, sleeping moss or beautiful women's hair? Mosses that are not protected species will also be examined more closely under a magnifying glass. Therefore, if you have magnifying glasses, please bring them with you, but there are also magnifying glasses available for hire. As there are also mosses along the path, this guided tour can also be made barrier-free.

Preis: 10 € pro Person bei festen Terminen; 130 € pro Gruppe bis 15 Personen (größere Gruppen auf Anfrage) 

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Fascination Trees & Hedges

Romantic hike through meadows and forests. It goes along the Dornhanerplatte, in a landscape with gentle hills and small forests. Trees, without them our world would not be as we know it. They are oxygen producers, water reservoirs, wood suppliers, habitats for animals, doctors for our souls and friends for many of us. Hedges are windbreaks, food and nesting places for birds. Sun protection for many plants and animals. In the past as well as today, they protect us and our houses against the rigours of the outside world, be it natural such as wind and rain, but also human and animal enemies. A properly selected hedge keeps many a thief away. Part of the excursion are names, benefits, differences and dangers for and by trees. Which tree belongs to them, do they perhaps have the same characteristics?

This guided tour takes place in Alpirsbach, but can also be moved to another area as an ad hoc hike if desired.

Preis: 10 € pro Person bei festen Terminen; 130 € pro Gruppe bis 15 Personen (größere Gruppen auf Anfrage) 

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