Nothing lasts longer than true friendship ...

The partnership between Alpirsbach and the French town of Neuville-sur-Saône has existed since 1973.

Partnership with Neuville-sur-Saône


The partnership between Alpirsbach and the French town of Neuville-sur-Saône has existed since 1973. The twin town is located about 15 kilometres north of Lyon and is comparable in size and structure to Alpirsbach. That is why the municipal councils of both towns decided to enter into a partnership. In all this time many citizens, associations and organizations have visited each other and established a personal relationship. In this way, both towns contribute to consolidating the German-French friendship and to making a contribution to a united Europe. The annual school exchange is an integral part of the partnership. This is carried out by the school of both cities. There is a firm friendship between the music association Rötenbach e. V. and the partner association "Harmonie" from Neuville.

The Friends of the Partnership, a community of interests, still form a central link in the partnership work today. Under the leadership of Harald Mätz, regular meetings take place together with the city administration, whereby various activities and visits are planned and organized together. The biggest event organized by the friends of the partnership so far was certainly the 40th anniversary of the town twinning in May 2013 in Alpirsbach. However, in addition to such major events, smaller return visits also take place every year.

If you also share the love of France or would like to get to know another culture, you are welcome to contact the town of Alpirsbach:

0 74 44 / 95 16-201

The friends of the partnership are glad about reinforcement!

Annual fixed dates in the partnership work:

  • Participation of the friends of the partnership at the May market in Neuville-sur-Saône
  • Christmas tree tradition to Neuville-sur-Saône


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"#ViveLaFreundschaft- 50 Jahre Städtepartnerschaft 2023"

In diesem Jahr feiern wir unser großes Jubiläumsfest, welches vom Deutsch-Französischen Bürgerfond gefördert wird. Alles wichtige rund um das Jubiläum, erhältlich über die aktuellen Nachrichten sowie unter unserem Veranstaltungskalender.