Municipal kindergarten Zwergenstüble in the district of Reutin

Ortsstraße 16
72275 Alpirsbach-Reutin


0 74 44 / 91 69 35


Opening hours


07:30 till 12:45


07:30 to 12:45 & 14:00 to 16:00


07:30 till 12:45


07:30 to 12:45 & 14:00 to 16:00


07:30 till 12:30


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"Children are like butterflies in the wind, 

some fly higher than others, 

but they all fly as best they can. 

Don't compare them to each other, 

because every child is unique, 

wonderful and very special."



Dear parents and interested parties,

all children and parents are welcome in our single-group facility, regardless of their social, intellectual, linguistic or other abilities. We regard this diversity as enrichment. Respect and recognition characterize the atmosphere of our facility.

Our regular group can accommodate up to 25 children from the age of 3. Our sponsor is the town of Alpirsbach - Marktplatz 2, 72275 Alpirsbach.

We are aware of our responsibility and set high standards for our daily work. We see each of our children as an individual personality and unique individual with the need to discover his or her world. We accompany the children in a stage of life of the most diverse, individual educational processes. Therefore, we support the children's education with professional pedagogy in the conquest of their world.


Our team

Corinna GötzeFacility Management
Rebekka KippEducator


Our pedagogical work

"Children are guests who ask for directions" (Maria Montessori).

Our pedagogical activities are directed towards the holistic promotion of the child. We trust in the enormous development potential of our children and try to offer them optimal conditions for this. We take on the role of learning guides who are in constant dialogue with the children. The children themselves determine the pace and direction of their development.


What is important to us

  • Every child should enjoy coming to kindergarten and feel understood and accepted.
  • We want to lay the foundations for cognitive, social and motor skills.
  • Let the children experience warmth, affection, trust, security and recognition
  • Create space for the development of personalities
  • Demanding and individually promoting communication in the kindergarten
  • A good cooperation and not against each other in dealing
  • Living rules and rituals in everyday kindergarten life
  • Develop independence and social behaviour
  • Imparting knowledge, skills and values
  • Responding to individual needs, wishes and interests


What distinguishes us

  • Targeted observations
  • Regular team meetings to keep our work moving forward
  • Taking up and realising impulses
  • Flexibility, spontaneity and situation-oriented approach
  • Differences as enrichment, inclusive togetherness
  • Co-determination and complaint management of the children


What we work out together with the parents

  • Parents' evenings for a lively exchange of information
  • Parties and joint activities with parents
  • Annual development discussions
  • Admission and familiarization interview
  • Parent Council Meetings
  • Annual surveys to gather opinions
  • "Cummerbox" for the parents


What we offer

  • Open breakfast and morning circle
  • Festivals and celebrations in the annual cycle
  • SBS (Singing-Moving-Speaking)
  • Weekly meetings for children starting school (Dino-meetings)
  • Experiencing and exploring nature during forest days
  • Cooking and baking on weekly action days
  • Annual "Technolino" projects with our educational partner, the Saier company, to promote an enthusiasm for nature and technology.
  • Projects and theme days linked to the interests of the children
  • Certified "House of Little Researchers" MINT (math, computer science, natural sciences and technology) education from kindergarten onwards
  • We are an "Acker-Kita" for the promotion of closeness to nature, healthy nutrition, motor skills and social skills in cooperation with the "Gemüseackerdemie".


Our active cooperations

  • Elementary school Peterzell - Care of the preschoolers
  • SBS (Singen- Bewegen- Sprechen) - musically based educational offer for language promotion
  • Verkehrswacht Freudenstadt - Annual traffic education and training course
  • Saier company - educational partner of the "Technolino" project with annual company visit
  • Black Forest Witches Peterzell e.V. - Fasnetskooperation
  • Senior Circle - Multi-Year Action Days Young Meets Old



Our location and premises

The kindergarten is centrally located in the suburb of Reutin and is surrounded by a large outdoor area. There is a bus stop directly at the kindergarten.

The modern kindergarten house has two floors. Through the entrance area you enter the open group room, the floor-to-ceiling windows provide a lot of light and sun. In addition to several play and painting tables, there is still plenty of space for outdoor play. The separate role play room with play kitchen, dolls and other exciting toys is adjacent to the large group room. In the open kitchen there is plenty of space for open breakfasts and communal cooking days. The children have a cosy retreat under the large wooden staircase.

On the gallery on the upper floor is the children's studio with plenty of space and light for creativity. The reading and audio book room with a comfortable sofa and the large gym are also on the upper floor. The gymnastics room not only has plenty of space for romping around, but also for age group activities and joint celebrations.

Outside, the children have an exciting garden with lots of action. In addition to the outdoor toys and vehicles, there is the large slide on a hill with a tunnel, the large play structure with the yellow slide and lots of climbing opportunities, two swings and a large sandbox.

In the garden, the little ones from the Spatzennest (U3 care in Reutin) come together with the kindergarten children from the Zwergenstübles, which is always an enrichment for everyone.

But make yourself a picture and arrange an appointment with us to get to know us.